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Cocoro Heart-shaped mini plate

Cocoro Heart-shaped mini plate

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Introducing the Cocoro Heart-Shaped Mini Plate Duo, a charming and delightful addition to any table setting that speaks the universal language of love. Crafted with care and designed to capture hearts, each mini plate in this duo features a gentle curve and a dainty form, creating the perfect silhouette of a heart.

Available in two tender hues – a soft, blushing pink and a pure, serene white – these plates are a poetic expression of affection and care. The pink plate, with its warm and soothing shade, evokes the gentle caress of love's first blush, while the white plate offers a crisp and clean canvas, reminiscent of love's pure and true nature.

These plates are not just for dining; they are small tokens of love, ideal for serving sweet treats, holding delicate jewelry, or simply as a decorative reminder of affection. Whether used on special occasions like anniversaries and Valentine's Day, or enjoyed every day, the Cocoro Heart-Shaped Mini Plates are a testament to love's enduring spirit.

Presented as a set, they symbolize the perfect pairing, much like two hearts joining together. Gift the Cocoro Heart-Shaped Mini Plate Duo to a special someone, or treat yourself to this exquisite blend of artistry and emotion, and let every glance toward these plates be a sweet whisper of love's presence.

Size: 9cm

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