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Serenade of Petals - Avian Flourish Porcelain Bowl

Serenade of Petals - Avian Flourish Porcelain Bowl

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Introducing the "Serenade of Petals" bowl, a piece that sings a timeless tune of nature's splendor. The grey porcelain exudes a contemporary charm, while the raised design of birds amidst a floral haven brings a classic Japanese aesthetic to life. This bowl offers not just a meal but a narrative, with each bird and flower symbolizing nature's harmonious melody.

The elegant color palette provides a neutral background that allows the food to be the star of the show, while the intricate details around the birds and blooms invite a closer look, revealing the craftsmanship behind the piece. Ideal for serving both traditional Japanese cuisine and contemporary dishes, this bowl is a versatile piece that promises to be a conversation starter at any table.

Whether used for daily dining or special occasions, the "Serenade of Petals" bowl infuses a sense of calm and beauty into your dining experience, paying homage to the delicate balance and beauty of the natural world.

Size: Approx. 13.2 x H6.3cm

Capacity: Approx. 480ml

Weight: Approx. 287g

Materials: Porcelain / Mino ware

Microwave and dishwasher safe


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