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Toyo Sasaki

Toyo Sasaki Handcrafted Glass Tumbler

Toyo Sasaki Handcrafted Glass Tumbler

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Introducing the Toyo Sasaki Artisanal Glass Tumbler, a symphony of craftsmanship and elegance. Each tumbler is handcrafted with precision and care, showcasing a kaleidoscope of vibrant colors captured within crystal-clear glass. The unique texture not only enchants the eye but also provides a tactile experience that enhances every sip. Perfect for those who appreciate the art of glassmaking, this tumbler brings a touch of sophistication to any beverage. Whether you're toasting to special occasions or enjoying a quiet moment of reflection, the Toyo Sasaki tumbler is more than just a drinking vessel—it's a piece of art that celebrates the beauty of handmade perfection."

Size: 8.3×H13cm Capacity 420ml

Material: Glass

Country of Origin: Made in Japan/Mino ware

Dishwasher safe

Package: Individual gift box


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