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Yayoihana Handcrafted Sakura Tea Cup / Tumbler (Pink / Blue)

Yayoihana Handcrafted Sakura Tea Cup / Tumbler (Pink / Blue)

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Embrace the delicate beauty of spring with our "Blossom Embrace" tea cup, a handcrafted gem that celebrates the iconic Japanese Sakura. Each cup is a canvas of soft pinks and whites, adorned with the tender blooms and subtle hues of cherry blossoms. Crafted with care, the cup's textured surface invites touch, while the gentle curves fit comfortably in your hands, offering a serene tea experience. Whether you're enjoying a quiet moment or sharing a warm drink with friends, this Sakura tea cup is not just a vessel, but a tribute to the fleeting beauty of nature captured in Japanese artistry. Bring the tranquility of a springtime garden into your home with each sip.


Size/capacity Diameter 9x height 8cm/ 270ml

Production area: Japan

Material/components: Porcelain

Microwave safe

Dishwasher safe

Package: Individual box

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